Thursday, August 25, 2011

How Do You Spot an Authentic Nyx Round Lipstick from a Fake One?

Just the other night, I posted an article called "How to Spot a Real NYX Lipstick from a Fake One". I admit it was a hasty thing I did, and I sincerely apologize to all of you. I made the post comparing two lipsticks I bought from different online sellers. I held firm on my words because the online seller of Lipstick A claims that her NYX products are 100% authentic. I believe her since when I purchase from her, I’m always satisfied with my loot. And then I received a comment that made an impact on me .


The commenter said that one of my descriptions on the fake nyx round lipstick happened to coincide with her own lippies. But the thing is she said she bought hers from a makeup artist and an online store. So she was asking me if the lipstick she bought was fake if my descriptions are to be considered. Honestly, she caught me off-guard on that. On second thought, what I deemed as fake might be the real deal after all. And so I borrowed my colleagues’ NYX round lipstick and placed it side-by-side with my NYX Lippie A and NYX Lippie B. Lo and behold, none of them are the same! My co-worker said though that hers was given by her aunt from US.

Now for all the NYX patrons out there, can you tell me about the qualities of an authentic NYX Lipstick? I honestly don’t know what to believe now.  That’s why I pulled out my previous post in the first place. I don’t want to mislead my readers and I certainly don’t want to ruin seller-buyer relationships out there just because of unverified information. All I know is that truth must be told.


  1. HI..thanks for clearing this up..I emailed nyx customer service and they said that they do have some round lipsticks manufactured in taiwan (hence the "made in taiwan" tag) and the lippie i got from a make up school here in manila should be authentic regardless of the placement/location of the tag.


  2. No problem. You have been of help to me and my readers as well. Thanks for bringing it up and hope you get to visit my blog again. =)

  3. NYX Cosmetics spread like wildfire here in the Philippines this last quarter of 2011. And I must say that most of them are way cheaper than the actual price on the website itself.

    I have bought 2 round lipsticks (fig) from 2 different online sellers, they don't look or even smell the same.. 1 bright pink and the other is pale pink. though they are both "made in taiwan", the ingredients are somewhat different, even the cruelty-free icons are placed on different parts of the lippies. I kept the bright pink to myself and the other, I gave as a gift..

    ..and so I ordered again, and received a FREE ROUND LIPSTICK PEACH BELLINI for purchasing P1500+ worth of NYX, the free lipstick I got is MADE IN PROC (China) and most of the ingredients listed are not even mentioned on the website!!! This is very alarming.. AND I AM CONVINCED THAT THERE ARE FAKE NYX ROUND LIPSTICKS :(

    I was also hesitant to write a blog about it but you're right, TRUTH MUST BE TOLD.

  4. Speaking of which, I recently purchased 1,000+ worth of NYX products from another online seller. One of them is Soft Matte in Addis Ababa. I was really disappointed because its consistency is thinner than my previous Soft Matte (Antwerp) which really lived up to its description:"A new kind of pout paint that goes on silky smooth and sets to a matte finish". At first I thought NYX might have changed their formulation. But now I'm getting convinced that I may have been a victim of monkey business AGAIN. What's worse is the things that we don't usually observe like the ingredients. How would we feel safe if we can't even verify the real from the fake?

    Well this should serve as a lesson for us to be more careful in buying products online.

  5. I totally agree with you sis..
    Too bad I just realized how poor the quality of the "nyx" products I bought, not just the lippies.. btw, 2 of my lippies broke while I was applying them T.T
    Oh well I don't know what else to do aside from throwing it away.. :(

  6. Hi,

    I got my 9 NYX Round lipsticks from an ebay seller; and after a few weeks, I noticed two of them had different packaging, they don't have that weird flowery smell that other posters claim NYX Round has, and they were not creamy like the others.

    I'm confused and after I read other articles on fake makeup and their danger, and an experience of a fake Mac blush, I'm starting to think that my other 7 NYX Round might be fake as well.. :(

  7. I bought my NYX round lipstick for only Php. 120 from a bazaar somewhere in Philippines, I just noticed that the Packaging/Label/Smell is not similar to my other NYX cosmetics and I was really upset about that, I purchased 3soft matte lip cream and one roundlipstick, its not worth it to buy a FAKE ITEM!!!

  8. I think the US standards are Different from Asian standards. Most probably they deliberately changed the ingredients for the asian markets with a more lax FDA

  9. Hi everyone, I have 4 NYX RL for now and I bought them from 1 seller and 1 shipping time. Haute Melon is made in PROC and yes, some of NYX products manufactured in PROC including all of thier powder blushes. Some of the RL is made in Taiwan. Taiwan and PROC have different texture which Taiwan product is creamier while PROC product is a bit sheer and hard to apply because it waxy. But as we know all of the RL have different consistency. My friend said that strawberry milk melting easily while the others is just fine. The scent is different one another. My friend said that black cherry smells just like cherry while the other smells like a soap and I agreed.

    For the "cruelty-free icons are placed on different parts of the lippies" thing, it's because the difference between the new shades and the old shades. The new shades have "A" code shade. But once again, mine is 100% authentic.

    It's fake if the swatches of your lippies is different from what you see from beauty blogger. IMO, buy from trusted/recommended seller.

    Hope this help :)

  10. Oh for the seller, choose the seller where you can buy all of NYX products that you can find from official NYX website or Cherry Culture including their big palettes, etc. Usually you have to pre order and wait several weeks until the items arrived in your country. Don't buy from seller that only sell a few lippies product where you can't choose any colour that you really want.

  11. I bought some from a small vendor in Georgia, United States. Turned out to be fake, as I got a horrible rash on my lips! I say, stick with the website to be sure it is authentic.

  12. Hello! If you look at the Nyx Cosmetics website, you will see that both packaging is actually there on the product page for Round Lipsticks. I think what happened is that they updated the packaging. Some retailers, however, might still be selling the older packaging.

    Maybe it's best you check with Nyx first before posting stuff like this?

  13. Thanks for sharing this Honey. I am always careful when purchasing my makeup’s to avoid fake ones. My favorite online shop (Kallony) offer only authentic products. And they also have COD, which makes shopping more comfortable.


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