Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Product Review: Myra Vita White Face Lotion

All these years I didn’t really care much about the importance of moisturizing since I have an oily skin type. I’ve read in some magazines that people of my skin type can skip on moisturizer since our face produces more than enough natural oils anyway. Still, I was into face creams because I want to have a fairer face. But now that I’m 23, I’ve realized that I still need moisture to age gracefully. And sunblock! It’s a must here on our country. The UV rays are getting harsher and we NEED something to protect our skin from it. I surely don’t want to see the effects of photoaging and skin cancer like 20 years from now.



And so I’ve tried to use this popular brand of face cream for years. Yes, it made me look whiter (or rather chalky white when I put on too much) but then it wears off the moment I sweat. Worse, I think the formula makes my skin oilier. And I have to blend it properly or else, it would settle on some parts of my face. I remember a time when I put the face cream right before I go to school. If I haven’t reached for a mirror early on, I might not have noticed that my eyebrows were white! Que horror!


And then I tried this new brand of face cream and I was more satisfied with it as compared to my previous one. However, I felt like I’m still open to try a better option.


That’s when Myra Vita White Whitening Face Lotion came into the picture. The first time I tried it, I felt like there’s nothing special about it. But eventually I tried it again because I learned that my favorite blogger Helga uses it. And I’m glad I did.


I use Myra Vita White as my day/night face lotion. I like the fact that it’s not sticky at all and it blends well on my face. I also love its light, fragrant scent. And it doesn’t irritate my skin. It also complements whatever skin care regime I have. I think its SPF (15) is just right for me since I have a tan complexion and I’m not usually outdoors anyway.


And best part is, it fits my budget perfectly! It costs around Php16-21 in local drugstores and beauty counters. I usually buy it in sachet since I don’t need to lug it on my bag. Once or twice-a-day application is enough for me. I use it right after I cleanse and tone at night, and after I take a bath at day (skipping toner). It makes for easier makeup application. It also prevents my skin from feeling tight and dry from aircon (sometimes it can be like that at work).


I don’t really notice much if it makes my face fairer but what I know is that it makes my skin healthier. It protects my skin and it makes it smooth, moisturized and glowing. It doesn’t make me break out and it doesn’t make my face oilier. It balances my skin out from the dryness of toner and soaps. I love this product!


If you don’t like the stickiness of face creams, try switching to Myra Vitawhite Face Lotion. With this, I believe my skin will stay youthful for a long time just like Iza Calzado’s. 


  1. Ditto. I tried using it too but it just made my face greasier. I know sunblock is a must but it feels "heavy" that's why I skip using it.

    But maybe I'll try moisturizers again. Since I gave birth, my hormones changed and my face isn't producing as much oil. I don't wanna look old.

  2. Try Myra Vitawhite Jiea. I found it to be the lightest, budget-friendly moisturizer on the market. Despite having SPF, it isn't as pasty thick as the other brands. But if you just want a moisturizer sans SPF, they also have a regular face lotion.

  3. Why would you want a whiter face?


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