Tuesday, July 12, 2011

THE Look: Rockin' Hot Pink Lips!

Think hot pink lips are too hoochie for your taste? Think again! Hot pink lips scream GIRL POWER. It can make you look youthful, vibrant, carefree, sweet and spunky at the same time. Wearing it reads, "I maybe a woman, but you can't just mess around with me." Hot pink lips are a secret weapon bound to make a man fall down on his knees. Why the color is basically red's soul sister! Might be tricky to pull off at first, but the moment you get it right, it'll surely put you on the spotlight. That's what hot pink does to you!

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Hot Pink Lip Craze! 

Neon, 80's pink (matte) So Califor-ni-a!

Mod, Sophie Ellis-Bextor-ish

Baby blue eyes and hot matte pink, could Alexis Bledel get even more perfect? 

Latinas can pull off a hot pink too!

I soo love this pic!

Lime green pearl eyeshadow + pink lips = perfect combo!

This time, Emma Watson scores!

Fuschia pink

One of my most favorite makeup looks - Kim K. on Nars Schiap,  done by pro makeup artist Troy Jensen

Lauren Conrad looks fresh and youthful

Rihanna on hot pink lips = A-mazing! 

Frosted pink lip = juicy!

Satin pink lip = Ooh la la!


  1. I read somewhere that red lips ward some men off since they think it's too "artificial" and intimidating. At least I now have better reasons to wear pink lipstick. =)

  2. Try it! It's a youthful color. =)

  3. Oh no its sirius sexy mehn

  4. Um, that's Emma STONE not Watson...


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