Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Product Review: Veet Hair Removal Cream for Normal Skin

For all the girls (and gays) out there, are you one of those people who are blessed to have fine/unnoticeable body hair? Good for you then! You don’t have to shave regularly just to make your skin look smoother.  Unfortunately, I’m not one of those “blessed” girls lol. But I don’t see it as a hindrance to feel good about myself. There are a lot of options to get rid of unwanted body hair: for permanent hair removal, you can opt for laser method, while for temporary, you can do shaving, plucking, waxing, threading, or using depilatory creams. Speaking of which, I’m going to share with you my secret to maintaining a hair-free, silky smooth skin.

As a teen, I shaved my arm and leg hair once but I never got the hang of it since I’m afraid to get nicks and unwanted cuts on my skin (as if childhood scars weren’t enough). I never tried waxing either since I don’t have the patience for it and I can’t stand the thought of ripping hair off my skin (though there’s cold wax now and they say it’s painless). And since I can’t pay for a decent permanent laser hair removal yet, my only option was to use depilatory creams. And so I tried Veet hair removal cream.


So far I’ve already tried two of the Veet variants: blue (for sensitive skin) and pink (for normal skin). I like their pink variant better because it removes hair faster and more effectively. One small pack costs around P150-ish at Watson’s and it’s good for one application.

How do I apply it?

I start off with one side of my thighs. I coat the area evenly and leave it on for EXACTLY 3-5 minutes. Then, using the rubber spatula, I gently scrape a small area of my skin to check if the hair easily comes off. When it does, that’s the time I scrape everything else off and put the residue on a lid cover before throwing it away. Then I wash the area immediately with only room temperature water to avoid irritation. Then I do the same for my other thigh, then my legs, and arms. I don’t put it all at once to avoid the product from drying and irritating my skin. Remember, timing is very important since the product is chemical-based. In fact, my sister once mistook the smell of Veet as muriatic acid lol! Despite its floral scent, you can still smell something like lye (the ingredient used in toilet bowl cleaners and relaxing creams) but good thing it disappears by the time you bathe.

Right after using Veet, try not to use soap esp. chemical-based ones as they may counteract with Veet’s chemicals. And avoid exposure to the sun since your skin is still sensitive by then. Just follow the instructions on the pack and you’re on your way to smooth and silky skin! Furthermore, I personally don’t recommend using Veet on my private areas like underarm and bikini line (for that I think you may use their cold wax strips but I’ve yet to try those) but if it works for you, then great.  For first timers, I recommend using the blue variant first. And remember to do a patch test before anything else to check if you are allergic to the product.




What I like about Veet is that it keeps my body hair-free, smooth and silky for a month or so. It makes me feel more feminine and sexy! What I don’t like about it though is its smell and there’s hair left on some occasions but you can shave it off or just let it be (it’s not that noticeable anyway).

So are you ready to “feel smoother for longer”? Try Veet for yourself!  


  1. Veet's great but mine only lasted a week. I used the wax strips instead even if they're more painful.

  2. It's great to use depilatory creams days before hitting off the beach, or in preparation for big events like weddings. But if you want slower hair growth, it isn't really that promising. I don't mind having regrowth on normal days though. Just don't want to have coarse, masculine body hair lol. =D

  3. hello ..please long does it take for the hair to come back again?? cuz suppose i buy this one and it hair grows again...after 3 to 5 will cost a lot to buy this all the time since im just a student who wants to get rid of this unwanted hair on my legs...

  4. Hi Claudine0394! Hairs start to grow after 5 days but the full regrowth will take about a month. In my opinion, Veet is good for special occasions (like prep before hitting the beach). But if you plan to incorporate hair removal into your beauty regimen, you might want to invest on a good quality razor such as Gillete Ladies' Shave or Shick, and shaving foam. You can find those at supermarkets or drugstores.

  5. is it also SAFE to apply in genital area?

  6. Thanks for doing this review. I'll try Veet on my arms.

  7. We don't have Watsons here, can you still buy it from other drugstores, like Mercury drugs?

  8. I soap my feet after using it is that ok? Oh and this veet won't make the hair grow more right?

  9. Hey! I just used it and after shower and all when my feet is dry, it kinda feel a little sticky and tight. Is that ok?

  10. pagkatapos niyo po bang gumamit ng veet hindi po ba tumitigas at kumakapal ung hair pag tumubo ult?

  11. Few days ago suddenly i feeling a problem about laser hair removal .I am always looking for a solution finally i find it this article

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  12. Yeah they have veet in mercury drugs and waltermart.. Or even in SM department stores, it's also available in there.


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