About the Author

Honey is a twenteen-something woman who currently works as a web content writer on a web development company located along Greenhills. She accepts side projects as an in-house blogger/copywriter at a wellness spa. She is also a contributor for WhenInManila.com.

Her penchant for makeup and fashion became evident at a very young age, but her passion for skincare started during her teen years.

Back then, she sees makeup and skincare products as tools to break free from her ugly duckling complex. But now that she's years wiser, she sees them as means to slightly enhance the natural features she's born with. She is now embracing her morena skin with warm undertones and is now finding ways to show its radiant, healthy glow.

This is Honey's first serious personal blog and she really devotes effort and time to write articles, hoping they would be helpful to skincare/makeup aficionados all over the world.