Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Time to Use Computer Glasses!

For the past two years, my job has always required me to work in front of a computer. Yet I never used computer glasses while at it. I guess it's just because I'm either too lazy to buy one or I just keep forgetting it since I never considered it a priority. I know I should have but I feel like I really need to save up for a good pair of eyeglasses. Well I have normal vision but I feel that I still need computer glasses to reduce eye strain from hours of staring at the PC. And I believe it'll be beneficial in the long run.

TBH I've never given this much thought until I saw MakeupLove's Firmoo Giveaway. I thought it'd be a perfect opportunity to score myself some glasses for free! And even if I don't win the game, I'd probably still buy the glasses myself. But of course I'm still hoping to get picked heehee! :-) So Ms. Jes Roque, I hope to win your Firmoo giveaway! Crossing my fingers!

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