Friday, May 6, 2011

My Trusty Deo

For years I've been searching for the perfect deodorant. I've tried almost every whitening and non-whitening deo I see on TV commercials and direct-seller brochures and most of the time, I get satisfied with the product at first but I end up disappointed of their negative results like when my UA gets irritated or when it gets darker.

Apart from deo, I tried other methods to make my UA whiter. I've used scrubs, peeling creams, powders, tawas, soaps, creams, but they weren't as effective as I thought they were. I regret to have wasted the money my parents gave me on those products.

But after many years of trial and error, I've finally learned what works for me. Through time, I've learned that underarm is one of the sensitive parts of the skin and it should be given more care, meaning, no harsh chemicals, no abrasive scrubs, and no strong fragrances. Fortunately I have found a product that meets all those requirements and that is Dove.

What I like about Dove deo is that it doesn't make my UA itchy and it actually keeps me dry for quite sometime (considering that my work doesn't require me to move around too much and sweat like a pig). I prefer the Dove original variant because it has a mild scent. (Unscented just won't do because I like my underarms to smell a bit powdery fresh). I normally buy it in stick form since I don't want to waste my time drying my UA before going out and I don't want to wipe off excess liquid when I feel like I applied it too much.

Another thing I like about Dove deo is that it's got a quarter of moisturizing cream that makes my UA soft and smooth. I also love the fact that it supports shaving by helping promote skin regeneration for my underarms and it complements the UA cream that I currently use at night.

Sometimes, I get swayed by trying out new products out on the market but I often find myself going back to Dove. Likea few weeks back, I've bought this powder fresh scent deo from a leading brand and I used it together with a depilatory cream at the same time (thinking that it produces better results than shaving). The result: my underarms got burned by the chemicals and my UA got back to its dark state before I used Dove. Obviously, I regret it! I'll never use depilatory cream on my underarms again.

So now, I just shave my UA at least every two weeks (following the direction of hair growth, not too close to skin to avoid abrasion, and not too much because I don't want to completely strip out the outer layer of my UA lol). I try to restore the natural color of my UA by using Dove deo by day and gently exfoliating my UA with Garnier Milky toner (every other day would be fine too) and Godiva licorice whitening cream at night.I also stopped scratching or scrubbing my underarms like a madman but I wash it thoroughly with mild soap and I make sure there's no soap/deo residue left on my UA. I take 5 to 6 swipes of deo for each underarm and I spread it out evenly (a Honey beauty secret) before I get dressed up.  Now my UA color's slowly getting lighter and I'm loving it! I guess I'll be sticking to Dove deo for a long time.

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