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My Fave Shampoos for Specific Hair Needs

I was naturally born with thick, curly hair (it's in the genes). Growing up, I've got no problems with it. It only started to bother me when I was in Grade 6, the time that I realized my hair was so unruly and frizzy I could make a bird's nest out of it. So at a very young age of 13, I had my virgin hair relaxed for the first time. Since then, I've subjected my hair to frequent chemical treatments which tamed my hair but damaged it nonetheless. So I'm very particular with finding a shampoo that would support my hair needs. In searching for the right shampoo, I've come across these products and I've noticed how they helped me to achieve what I specifically want for my hair.

My Hair Through the Years

My old pic (still searching for a worse pic aka Grade 6 pic lol)
My recent pic (notice the dryness.I'm definitely not proud of that)

Honey's Picks

For Silky Smooth Hair
Loreal Total Repair 5

This product makes my hair touchably soft and smooth from the first wash! I've nothing but praises for this product. It's fragrant and I love its lather! (I'm a sucker for thick, sudsy lather btw) I also noticed that their shampoo works well even when used with other brands of conditioner.

For Irresistibly-Smelling Hair 

  • Clairol Herbal Essences

If you want your hair to smell flowery fresh, then this product is for you! Despite the product being discontinued here in the Philippines, you can still find them in supermarkets that carry imported goods.

  • Anything from the Loreal Elseve line

(L-R: Color Enhancing, Pearl Protein, Royal Jelly, Smooth Intense)

If you want elegant-smelling hair that is certainly not overpowering, try any of the Loreal Elseve products and see if you would like the smell too. Apart from the Total Repair 5, my personal faves are their Pearl Protein and Royal Jelly variants.

  • Sunsilk Co-Creations Gold

I'd say this shampoo is memorable to me because it's the first time I remember a guy complimenting me on the smell of my hair. *wink*. This product is discontinued but the closest thing that matches it would have to be the latest Sunsilk Co-Creations by Dr. Francesca Fusco.

  • Head and Shoulders Pink

This is another memorable shampoo because it smells great and I've learned that my guy friend uses it too so it reminds me of him. =)

  • Palmolive Pink (and Green)

My friend's guy friend said that he loves it when his girlfriend uses this shampoo. Take it from the men. =)

  • Vaseline Healthy Glow Shampoo

 Everytime I use it, I feel that my hair's shower-fresh and I love that it's long-lasting too. Too bad it was already phased out.

For Stronger, More Elastic Hair
Elastin Moisture Control for Normal to Dry Hair

- This Korean brand of shampoo has natural ingredients like wheat protein and ginseng to make your hair stronger. After three washes, I've already felt its effect. I'm not that fond of the smell though but I think I can get used to it after quite sometime. It's quite pricey though, but if you're not ready to shell out your bucks for the first try, you may want to try their product out in sachets first (yes, they have 'em!). Elastine is available in Shopwise. I'm not sure if there are other supermarkets/drugstores that are selling the product. 

For Itch Relief
Head and Shoulders Pink
Clear Pink

- There are times when my hair gets itchy when using some brand of shampoos. When those times arise, I only rely on anti-dandruff shampoos because they help condition not just the hair but also the scalp, thus relieving the itch. They also make my scalp feel cool since they're mentholated. 

What's your fave shampoo for specific hair needs? I'd love to hear from you! =)

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  1. clairol herbal essences is so mabango..... during was kinda a craze for us curie students ....... 2nd year ata.... lalu na si nya yung shampoo na iyan....kaso biglang nawala na lang sa market.......

    bakit kaya?


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