Friday, July 8, 2011

Product Review: V&M Naturals Modern Geisha Soap

Each of us has our own preferences when it comes to bath soap. Some settle for the simple germicidal soap. Some prefer whitening soaps containing natural or chemical-based ingredients. Some like moisturizing soaps. Some go for scented soaps, organic, milk-based and the list goes on. I, on the other hand, can't seem to settle for just one category. I've tried a lot of soaps and I've said countless times that I'll stick to it, only to find myself switching to another brand kahit 'di pa ubos ang sabon ko.

Notice how V&M meticulously seals its soaps

Then I tried V&M Naturals Modern Geisha. V&M described it as their gentler and more affordable version of the Pureglow Black African Soap. At first, it looked like an ordinary licorice/glycerin soap. I only realized the difference upon using it. It doesn't lather much the way ordinary soap does so you have to be a little more patient with it.It also has a mild fragrance, almost unscented. It smells 'clean', that's the only way I can describe it. I'm okay with that because the other products included in my daily regimen are scented anyway. And it has this special shape where the curved part makes for an easier grip, while the exposed part has this bumps that gently massage my body while I rub it on. Unfortunately, the bumps slowly fade as the soap melts but that's expected.

Reminds me of those massage thingies

I leave the lather on for about 3-5 minutes before rinsing it off.  After bathing, my skin has this squeaky-clean astringent feel, a little tight. (but not as tight as when I'm using a chemical-based soap) But it isn't really  a problem as long as I put lotion afterwards. On the first use, my a few red spots appeared on my skin but it disappeared in a few hours. My skin has easily adjusted on the second use.

If you want to achieve lightening and gentle exfoliation, I recommend this soap. But I think this product isn't advisable for people with sensitive skin and pregnant women. I use it along with V&M Bare It All Cream and V&M CPC+G "It" Whitening Treatment and they all proved to be an effective whitening combo. In just a week, I have noticed a remarkable difference on my skin: my face got smoother and clearer, my whole body got fairer, and my dark spots seemed to disappear. I've also noticed that my bacne was almost gone! I've always been very conscious of showing my back because no matter how often I scrub it or what soap/cream I apply to it, the pimples just won't go away. Little did I know that my problem for years will only be solved by soap and cream. And that really is a life-changing experience for me.

No makeup? No problem! =)

Before, I used to drag myself to take a bath lol. But ever since I tried Modern Geisha and the other V&M products, bathing has become an enjoyable experience and something to look forward to. For all the "goats" out there, try V&M because it will CHANGE you lol. I can't say whether it'll be my staple soap because I want to experiment with the other V&M Soaps and Bath Products first (Lulur, CPC+G and Seaweed Slimming Soap in particular). But I can say it's worth buying for all over again.   

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