Friday, September 9, 2011

My NYX Haul (Yes, I am a NYX Addict!)

I’ve always loved putting on makeup since I was a kid and my aunties who’ve lived  with us for a few years can attest to that. I used to borrow mom’s makeup. Back then wearing makeup makes me feel like a lady, so the 6-year-old me would lock  the door to our room and put on different colors on my face. Then I’d strike a pose at a mirror, pretending I’m Madonna or whoever famous female celebrity I idolized that time. Ah, funny memories.

Now that I get to buy my own makeup, I didn’t really collect from the same brand before NYX. I guess I got interested with the wide range of color palette that NYX carries. Another factor that got me curious was that many are raving about it as the cheaper version of MAC. Well I can’t really compare the two as of now since I don’t own any MAC product yet, but all I know is that I got so hooked with NYX!

I bought my NYX haul from two online sellers: one’s Kiko’s Angels and the other’s GetSophisticated Online Shop. They are both nice and accommodating so I didn’t have any problems transacting with them.


(L-R: Round Lipsticks Fig, Paris, Thalia, Perfect and Heredes, Soft Matte Antwerp and Stockholm, Powder Blush in Dusty Rose) Not in the picture: RL Orion, Ulysses (Mom’s using them lol) and Girls Nail Polishes (nasa salon namin hehe)

Closer view of NYX Single Powder Blush in Dusty Rose

So far I have 7 NYX Round Lipsticks (Paris, Heredes, Ulysses, Orion, Perfect, Thalia, Fig) , 2 NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams (Antwerp and Stockholm), 1 Single Powder Blush (Dusty Rose) and 5 NYX Girls Nail Polishes (Girly, Nude Truffle, My Sunshine, Inkheart and Blood). I also bought 1 NYX Round lipstick in Tea Rose and 1 NYX Black Label Lipstick in Black Cherry but I gave them to my Auntie and Grandma as parting gifts. I was hesitant to give Tea Rose at first since it looks good on me but for the Black Cherry, good riddance! It wasn’t what I  expected it to be. I thought it was a rich, deep red but it turned out to be dark brown in real life! It was a risque, mature color and it wasn’t really my style so it was okay to give it away.

I scored really big discounts on these makeups hence it was easy for me to grow a collection. I bought round lipsticks ranging from P99-P145, blush for P280, soft matte for P245 each, and nail polishes from P60-P145*

See my NYX lip swatches here:

What I like about NYX:

Round Lipsticks – They go on smoothly as long as you put lipbalm before or after applying lipstick or your lips aren’t dry in the first place. They also have good pigmentation but you still might want to use lipliner on the same shade since they easily come off.
Soft Matte – Almost everything about it! In fact, I’m so hooked to it! It has a weird scent that some describe as “fake” or buttercream but to me it’s addicting! I prefer soft matte more than round because they have longer staying power and they are more flattering on my plump lips. Application is like a dream; it goes on like a liquid but dries into powder matte.
Powder Blush – This is my current favorite blush since its slight hint of color and shimmer makes me look blooming without overdoing it. Looks great on both photographs and real life.
Girls Nail Polish – Wide range of colors and textures to choose from and smooth application.

What I DON’T like about NYX:

Round Lipsticks – They easily come off! Melts easily, and its soapy scent can be quite off-putting especially for first-time users
Soft Matte – Powdery texture may emphasize lines on the lips. Not recommended for those with flaky dry and chapped lips. Texture may not be as pigmented as regular matte lipsticks.
Powder Blush – Staying power I guess? Well it might be because I have oily skin. But it isn’t really a big deal as I’m satisfied with it nonetheless.
 Girls Nail Polish – Easily comes off in as early as the first day of application, hence it makes me think if it’s really worth the money ( quite more expensive than regular local brands). Might be better to use it with a really good base coat and top coat.


Final Verdict: I’d still buy NYX products again. Why not? I think they’re great for everyday casual/office wear. I’m really eyeing on those soft matte lippies though. I might buy another one (or two) come payday. The nail polish? Hmmm…maybe if it goes on sale big time and if I prove that it will stay longer with a good topcoat.

*There aren’t really standard prices on these babies, at least on the Philippine online market. It just depends on the seller (or so I think) lol.

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